Help Wanted-wild west meets Mars

25 Mar

Welcome to the Wild West on Mars…

Gatling Gun Charley is a poor cowboy recently robbed by his latest employer. If that wasn’t bad enough, he is chased through the canyons of Mars by an angry farmer after he accidentally walked over his crops while fighting through a resolith dust storm.

An independent cowboy down on his luck, Charley is pursued by a poor Spurn girl, Clarissa, wanting to be trained so she can exact vengeance against those who killed her family. Even in desperate need of cash, he refuses to help, afraid to be associated with the poorer race, once enslaved a few years back and then emancipated.

But his escape from Chantyville is not easy. A mangy dog won’t stop pestering him. A domesticated lion stalks him. A beautiful horse is attracted to him. These creatures can‘t reduce his mounting losses.

He runs from town and tries to find his way to Aurium City while needing funds and distancing himself from his enemies. But instead, a voodoo witch doctor, half human and half Spurn spells him. Fighting away his destiny, he is forced onto a mountain near Clarissa.

Charley relents to help Clarissa but only to train her to use firearms. He doesn’t want to have anything to do with her enemies, the Rotger Brothers. Begrudgingly, he teaches her to shoot a seven shot revolver on Blackhead Mountain. But there is something else bothering him, a lingering feeling…

But his path leads him in circles until he is faced with an inevitable choice.

This book is intended for adults only: it contains violence, language, and adult situations.


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Western, wild west, space western, space opera, gunfighter, gunfight, science fiction, mars colony, steam punk, western sci fi

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Dragon Perched on the White House

20 Mar

Blue Star epic Series in trailers

4 Mar


Lonely House: romance, mystery…

28 Feb


Jennifer Alexander was searching for a new life. She packed her possessions and set out to find a job in a new city. During a heavy thunderstorm, she is detoured from the highway and led towards an abandoned house on top of a plateau.

This house is not ordinary, packed with antique furniture from decades ago. The technology is antiquated. The house appears to be abandoned but there is evidence that someone had once lived there recently.

The thunderstorm drives many people to seek the comfort of the house, a family of three, a manager, a female couple, an old man and a couch potato. The heavy rains strand them there, some of their cars falling off the cliff in mudslides. The house is like a time capsule of 70s and 80s furniture and items, except there does not appear to be any outlets or phone jacks.

On the first night, strange sounds scare the new residents, odd and spooky noises. The following morning, they discover someone missing. After searching the house, they are clueless as to how and why the person disappeared. People are frightened that something haunts the house and seeks out to harm them.

Thomas Dreckerd is the only person that does not believe in ghosts; he is determined to learn the answers to the disappearances and the source of the noises. Jennifer grooms an attraction to Thomas and follows him on his exploration of the house’s many mysteries.

As people continue to disappear, the mystery intensifies. The other residents begin to blame Jennifer. The others turn against her after several days of pummeling thunderstorms continue.

Jennifer and the others realize that they are not the only ones in the house. There are secrets. But something else lingers. Will they be able to stop what is happening? Or will they each be doomed to fate?

This story is set in the Blue Star Series universe but it hangs independent from the epic story. This story relates to a specific marker mentioned in Restoration of Atlantis. It is a haunted mystery and romance with science fiction elements.

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Confessions of an Elven Vampire: Refusal to Convert

20 Feb


Confessions of an Elven Vampire: Refusal to Convert

The creatures of fairy tale have returned to the Earth. They saved humanity from imminent doom from an alien attack.

Garbazhio is a collector, a vampire and an Elf. He acquires an odd contract from a mysterious stranger. Well paid, he is determined to find the lost magical device that can save the world from a new horror. He decides that he must have help to battle away his many enemies. He must choose his favorite weapons, 45 or sword.

He navigates through a post-apocalyptic world, dragging along his Dwarven friend, Basoora. His friend brings his three favorite things, an axe, a shotgun and a zombie. The ridiculous zombie tags along like a stray pet, to the grief of the Elven Vampire.

While scouring the torn world, they meet a Human thief and save her from becoming part of a Witch’s menu. The Elven Vampire is drawn towards the sexy female, for lust and his uncontrollable urge to feed.

The three of them meet terrors of underground monsters and giant creatures, barely struggling to survive the leftover nightmares from the last war. They seek out a Wizard who may know more than what he is letting on. An android becomes a confidante of information for the Elven Vampire.

They must reach the Ash City in time to retrieve the magical device and deliver it to the stranger. But the violent obstacles may cost them in blood.

If you are looking for magic, wizards, vampire, elves, dwarves, Cyclops, witches, even Egyptian creatures and other fantastic things, this is the book for you.

This book is intended for adults only: it contains violence, blood, language, sex, nudity and very adult situations.

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Robin Luddites: post-apocalyptic thrill ride

16 Feb


Amongst the Shadows

After the Earth was ravaged by wars, the governments collapsed and the corporations thrived. Humanity evolved with animals, converging human and animal DNA together making the breeds. Robin Luddites become crime bosses that hire contracts to balance out the corrupt corporations.

In a world where everyone is either a criminal or a victim.

Darius Jones returns to Dallas to investigate the deaths of his brothers. After Darius’ supposed death; hiding for over ten years, he has to navigate through corporate corruption to find the killers. He assembles an unlikely crew to achieve his goals and runs into trouble every step he takes. The mystery reveals secrets to his own past that brought him to his current fate.

Gus Sips is a naive Loader, looking for someone to hire him for criminal jobs. Wimpy is an old-school grunt; an arrogant mercenary who lives and breaths the chaotic gun-toting, blood soaked streets of the dying cities. Dr. Steiner is a quirky Tech Farmer, with little business and poorly run staff. Magis Dern is a loud mouthed tool with little ambition but varied experience. Tu Fasse is a slick, clever woman; an escort on the side and a ruthless contract during the day.

With this team of misfits, it seems doubtful that Darius will come out of it alive but he has to try… because Gerrick was family.

This contains adult material, sex, violence, language and adult situations.

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Under the Graves

In a world ravaged by wars and lacking government authority, the future is a high-tech and dangerous world; criminals and innocent bystanders co-mingle. Robin Luddites become crime bosses that navigate through the corruption to restore balance against the corporations. Humans have evolved with animal attributes in order to survive the radioactive, toxic environment.

New Orleans is a Venice of water and radioactive sludge, but the inhabitants of the drowning city survive with defiant determination. Detective Graves is a folk hero to the people, a Robin Luddite who contracts jobs to dismantle the corporate powers from wielding too much power over the Breeds. His latest contract has Darius Jones secretly guarding a musician named Rose. Slowly, Darius is enchanted by her music. The contract becomes an excuse to watch her.

But something else has Darius Jones vexed; a murdered prostitute and her john proves there is something strange about the relationship between Deotronics and Gratia San Antonia. Although a retired Robin Luddite, Darius Jones begins investigating the power fluctuations from these giant corporations. He assembles a team to discover the answers to these mysteries and calls in the experienced skills of his sister and Gus Sips from Miami to assist infiltrating the elusive Deotronics.

Soon, the mystery leads back to his unrequited love interest, Rose. Her innocence proves more than naïve for the seasoned Robin Luddite. He interferes with the Breeds’ free power and annoys their folk hero. Darius stands alone in an ugly world but he is compelled to chase his ghosts that haunt him.

Contains adult situations, language and violence. Mystery, thriller, Science Fiction

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A Cursed Life

In a world where everyone is either a criminal or a victim.

Earth was ravaged by wars, chemicals and radiation. A green sludge borders every city, town and population. Governments have fallen but corporations thrived. The poor are subject to the greed of the few Elites.

The final chapter in the Robin Luddites Trilogy, Darius Jones struggles with the demons of his past and present while his friends are suffering. For the Jones family, it is a bad week.

A child is kidnapped, Gus is arrested and tortured; Rose is enslaved by her contract. The Jones family struggles through a dangerous world. They are hunted, captured and attacked by many enemies. Some enemies they never knew they had.

Darius Jones and Wimpy leave New Orleans to search for the kidnapped child and rescue Rose from a Robin Luddite. On the way to save Rose, Darius discusses his hopes with a unique Breed, a creature that sees more than the simple horizon of horrors, a brighter future that eludes Darius.

Sonya rushes to save her friend from Dallas who is suffering under LORD experiments. On the way to his rescue she is captured in Casino Town. She has to find a way to rescue herself and her brother before it is too late for them all.

The Jones family come to Dallas to face the enemies that have attempted to obstruct their return. They must face old and new challenges to save their friends. Darius must find a way to protect the boy and win Rose’s affection while trying to evade the contracts issued on their heads. He faces the LORDs who had conspired to kill his brothers and now are torturing his friend Gus. The last time he was in Dallas, he had paved the road for corruption to filter in, and his brother Humvey is in the center of it all.

Tracking them, Detective Graves stalks them so he can prevent Darius from saving the child. A future is hidden in the child’s DNA that the cruel Graves does not want revealed, or harnessed.

Contains adult situations, language, violence and sexual content.

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Robin Luddites

Enter the cruel and evil world of Robin Luddites where everyone is either a criminal or a victim. Follow three stories of Wimpy, Sonya, and Pesto and Phisher; based on the characters from the Robin Luddites Trilogy.

Some illustrations included.

The Sin of Mediocrity: Learn the secrets of Wimpy’s past and follow him on the beginning changes in his life that propelled him to work for Robin Luddites. He was a lowly worker, stuck within the grind of the business machine. Something wakes him from his complacency, he discovers the evil things that his business is creating and then finds himself tracking a criminal throughout the building.

The Gospel of Food and Medicine: Discover how Phisher and Pesto met. Pesto’s cooks are being killed and Phisher knows why. They must follow the clues in Dallas to find the reason for their murders. It will lead them to the cat Breeds and a horrifying secret.

Horses Do Not Lay Eggs: Follow Sonya as she navigates through the underwater city of New York to rescue an indebted Loader. The loader is in trouble with the gangs and she has to fight her way to free him. The only weapons at her disposal is a sword and her wits. But there is something more sinister that waits for them all.

Contains adult situations, language, violence and sexual content.

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Double Eagle War

5 Feb


Double Eagle Warsm

2032, the prophecies have caused riots and chaos.

Detectives Marx and Durst are caught up in a mystery of body parts that are washing up on Gulfport’s shores. After some investigation, they discover records of missing limbs ignored by their predecessors and the forgotten people missing around the world.

Their investigation leads them to a creepy stranger who is inquiring about a Double Eagle gold coin, the rarest coin on Earth. No one knows where this stranger comes from or why he is hot on the same trail as the Detectives.

In the southwest of the Navajo Nation, Officer Ankti struggles with his own mystery. The land is changing and there are strange tracks leading into the abandoned mines. Elder Peta Ptaysanwee tries to help Ankti understand his spiritual heritage but he can’t see it. He is lost in his own land.

But no one seems to be interested in the stranger or solving the loss limbs. All law enforcement agencies are caught up in cleaning up the city from the Camping prophecy hysteria. Chief of Police orders the two Detectives off the case, eventually suspending them.

A mother of a lost son pleads with Detective Fiona Marx to find the killer and bring her justice.

Two Detectives have to make a choice to go against their orders and chase the stranger across state lines, eventually to lead them into Arizona, in the Navajo Nation.

Bodies are piling up across the southern United States and it compels the detectives to follow the clues into the heart of ancient Earth’s secrets that only the gods foretold.

Will the stranger lead to the final answer about the murdered people through experimentation, the answers to the Double Eagle coin, the truth of Jenson’s followers, or bring them all to their doom?

This work contains, violence, adult situations and language.

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