Robin Luddites: post-apocalyptic thrill ride

21 Apr


Amongst the Shadows

After the Earth was ravaged by wars, the governments collapsed and the corporations thrived. Humanity evolved with animals, converging human and animal DNA together making the breeds. Robin Luddites become crime bosses that hire contracts to balance out the corrupt corporations.

In a world where everyone is either a criminal or a victim.

Darius Jones returns to Dallas to investigate the deaths of his brothers. After Darius’ supposed death; hiding for over ten years, he has to navigate through corporate corruption to find the killers. He assembles an unlikely crew to achieve his goals and runs into trouble every step he takes. The mystery reveals secrets to his own past that brought him to his current fate.

Gus Sips is a naive Loader, looking for someone to hire him for criminal jobs. Wimpy is an old-school grunt; an arrogant mercenary who lives and breaths the chaotic gun-toting, blood soaked streets of the dying cities. Dr. Steiner is a quirky Tech Farmer, with little business and poorly run staff. Magis Dern is a loud mouthed tool with little ambition but varied experience. Tu Fasse is a slick, clever woman; an escort on the side and a ruthless contract during the day.

With this team of misfits, it seems doubtful that Darius will come out of it alive but he has to try… because Gerrick was family.

This contains adult material, sex, violence, language and adult situations.

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Under the Graves

In a world ravaged by wars and lacking government authority, the future is a high-tech and dangerous world; criminals and innocent bystanders co-mingle. Robin Luddites become crime bosses that navigate through the corruption to restore balance against the corporations. Humans have evolved with animal attributes in order to survive the radioactive, toxic environment.

New Orleans is a Venice of water and radioactive sludge, but the inhabitants of the drowning city survive with defiant determination. Detective Graves is a folk hero to the people, a Robin Luddite who contracts jobs to dismantle the corporate powers from wielding too much power over the Breeds. His latest contract has Darius Jones secretly guarding a musician named Rose. Slowly, Darius is enchanted by her music. The contract becomes an excuse to watch her.

But something else has Darius Jones vexed; a murdered prostitute and her john proves there is something strange about the relationship between Deotronics and Gratia San Antonia. Although a retired Robin Luddite, Darius Jones begins investigating the power fluctuations from these giant corporations. He assembles a team to discover the answers to these mysteries and calls in the experienced skills of his sister and Gus Sips from Miami to assist infiltrating the elusive Deotronics.

Soon, the mystery leads back to his unrequited love interest, Rose. Her innocence proves more than naïve for the seasoned Robin Luddite. He interferes with the Breeds’ free power and annoys their folk hero. Darius stands alone in an ugly world but he is compelled to chase his ghosts that haunt him.

Contains adult situations, language and violence. Mystery, thriller, Science Fiction

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A Cursed Life

In a world where everyone is either a criminal or a victim.

Earth was ravaged by wars, chemicals and radiation. A green sludge borders every city, town and population. Governments have fallen but corporations thrived. The poor are subject to the greed of the few Elites.

The final chapter in the Robin Luddites Trilogy, Darius Jones struggles with the demons of his past and present while his friends are suffering. For the Jones family, it is a bad week.

A child is kidnapped, Gus is arrested and tortured; Rose is enslaved by her contract. The Jones family struggles through a dangerous world. They are hunted, captured and attacked by many enemies. Some enemies they never knew they had.

Darius Jones and Wimpy leave New Orleans to search for the kidnapped child and rescue Rose from a Robin Luddite. On the way to save Rose, Darius discusses his hopes with a unique Breed, a creature that sees more than the simple horizon of horrors, a brighter future that eludes Darius.

Sonya rushes to save her friend from Dallas who is suffering under LORD experiments. On the way to his rescue she is captured in Casino Town. She has to find a way to rescue herself and her brother before it is too late for them all.

The Jones family come to Dallas to face the enemies that have attempted to obstruct their return. They must face old and new challenges to save their friends. Darius must find a way to protect the boy and win Rose’s affection while trying to evade the contracts issued on their heads. He faces the LORDs who had conspired to kill his brothers and now are torturing his friend Gus. The last time he was in Dallas, he had paved the road for corruption to filter in, and his brother Humvey is in the center of it all.

Tracking them, Detective Graves stalks them so he can prevent Darius from saving the child. A future is hidden in the child’s DNA that the cruel Graves does not want revealed, or harnessed.

Contains adult situations, language, violence and sexual content.

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Robin Luddites

Enter the cruel and evil world of Robin Luddites where everyone is either a criminal or a victim. Follow three stories of Wimpy, Sonya, and Pesto and Phisher; based on the characters from the Robin Luddites Trilogy.

Some illustrations included.

The Sin of Mediocrity: Learn the secrets of Wimpy’s past and follow him on the beginning changes in his life that propelled him to work for Robin Luddites. He was a lowly worker, stuck within the grind of the business machine. Something wakes him from his complacency, he discovers the evil things that his business is creating and then finds himself tracking a criminal throughout the building.

The Gospel of Food and Medicine: Discover how Phisher and Pesto met. Pesto’s cooks are being killed and Phisher knows why. They must follow the clues in Dallas to find the reason for their murders. It will lead them to the cat Breeds and a horrifying secret.

Horses Do Not Lay Eggs: Follow Sonya as she navigates through the underwater city of New York to rescue an indebted Loader. The loader is in trouble with the gangs and she has to fight her way to free him. The only weapons at her disposal is a sword and her wits. But there is something more sinister that waits for them all.

Contains adult situations, language, violence and sexual content.

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Vampires go to Mars

21 Mar



Most of the city was built on stilts. The red Martian soil spread below on a grid of farmland. Workers descended to the surface by elevator, and sunlight stroked the ground through rotating glass pyramids that spread the light across the land like sprinkle heads rotating water across the earth.
The skyscrapers were curved and oblong shaped like anthills drooping in the sun. I liked to call Martian architecture “Poopsicles.” Windows dotted along the sides, and a mouth opened beneath the curve to allow vessels passage. Train tracks curved around, up, down and through the buildings like roller coasters. Some walkways followed the tracks, but the other walkways were curved ramps, slides and sidewalks that were layered like stacked rubber bands.
A few people moved along the walkways, mostly Martian businessmen conversing seriously about matters. There were fewer Martians than I expected. I imagined that their people were nestled below the surface, hiding and conspiring underground, waiting for their opportunity to spring out of the ground and kidnap bystanders like Morlocks.
Martians were as diverse as Earth’s people, all makes and colors of species. Gangly arms dangled from their shoulders as they slouched in their walks on wobbly knees. Almond eyes stared like blind sunglasses. They were mixed with scales, sharp teeth, tentacles, fins and long snouts.
Most of the buildings on the first level were bureaucracies, separated by glass dividers and signs with long names in many languages. Unlike Humans, Martians abhorred acronyms, so everything was spelled out, but we still couldn’t understand the meaning of the word groupings. “Office of General Assembly and Court,” “System of Interstellar Population Authority,” “Department of Conference and Ideas,” “Census Depot of Demographic Viability,” “Bureau of Labor Contracts for Children Services.”
We circled the complex of buildings and then followed the walkways to adjoining buildings. It was an endless maze that traveled in circles. Twice, we ended up in Citadel’s lobby. After the third time, the concierge encouraged us to rent a room. He was happy to help and did not seem afraid to be bitten. I didn’t think anyone recognized us as Vampires, or they didn’t care. It must have seemed odd, a parade of races traipsing in circles like an impromptu hike.
I was a little embarrassed that I couldn’t find the correct immigration office. We stood in several different lines until I translated the word groupings, and we moved on. I even returned to one line because I thought I made a mistake. My ears and face were becoming flush with irritation. We remained in the line that was marked, “Emigration and Naturalization for Long Duration Citizens,” before I decided it was the incorrect department.
We crossed walkways again, asked a few citizens for directions. Even Scruta was annoyed with everyone’s inability to direct us accordingly. It took us several hours to find, “Compartmentalization, Distribution and Instatement of New Arrivals.” Mentally, it didn’t seem to be the correct place; it sounded like something for distributing products. After seeing that several people carried boxes, I was getting more and more concerned that we were in the wrong line. Our ex-passengers were getting worried as well; I noticed their droopy expressions and their toes scratching ankles.
We waited in line, twisting and zigzagging around roped pathways, rounding columns and dawdling in corridors. The lines were endless. When I thought we would reach the end of the line and enter the office, we turned a corner and discovered another maze of pathways. When the line ended, I half-expected to arrive outside, through the backdoor and staring at a dead end.
Bored, my hands fidgeted inside my pockets, jingling the change and other random crap in there. Curious, I started pulling out the pocket’s contents, discovering several Earth coins, a button and an old receipt from Dregs retail store. I found another piece of paper of Lord Byron’s poetry: “Society is now one polish’d horde, Form’d of two mighty tribes, the Bores and Bored.”
Strangely, it seemed appropriate at that time. My mind was becoming suspicious of the random poems appearing in coincidental intervals.
Through our first zigzag formation, we were spotted by Dwarves. I can’t say that I spotted them first because I wasn’t interested in spotting Dwarves like a hunter instinctively catching sight of a deer. They glared at us and pointed angrily while mumbling to each other. It was hard to ignore it; their facial intensity was like an ex-boyfriend glowering towards the new boyfriend.
They started with a gaggle of twelve until we turned another corner; then there were eighteen. I thought we lost them in the maze of lines, fallen farther back from us after we followed another line, but then we met their glares again. I kept dismissing their interest as prejudice, simple hatred against Vampires, but I couldn’t imagine that they could see through our masks of sunscreen, makeup and contact lenses.
My crew didn’t seem concerned about the Dwarves. I supposed my crew and refugees were accustomed to prejudice. After all, we were all sent to silver mines because of it. But I couldn’t let it go. The Dwarves’ anger was too strong and focused.
Scruta looked down and up the lines before remarking, “I hope this is a fun ride.”
I chuckled at his joke. “I wouldn’t be too surprised that this line would meld into another. We could end up in front of a parole board.”
“No glasses,” Bobby sighed.
As we turned another corner, we received a little relief from Dwarf glares as we followed a corridor, up the stairs and then down another corridor. It was after the first room of zigzagging lines that we were spotted by Dwarves, again. They had multiplied. Where there was eighteen, now there was twenty plus. I would have accused them of cutting in line but there didn’t seem to be any bureaucratic monitors along the pathways. Occasionally, we would spot a random desk with an employee but they were busy with their own work and not interested in helping or watching the people.
But the line finally stopped, and slowed even more. We started by sitting in chairs, giving us a false perception that the ride was finished, but then we stood again to wait in five different lines, one line per bureaucrat. When we finally reached the front of the line, we waited for another hour before someone directed us to an office in the back.
The office was a simple metal desk cornered in the back. There were no shelves or decorations. Three hallways exited left, right and center.
The bureaucrat was mixed blood of a Martian and a creature from Earth that I recognized as Laotion, a toad-like creature. The mixture made an ugly being, wearing glasses. She appeared bored, lacking amusement for anything in the world. She scanned our faces and then looked down at her paperwork.
We sat Glasses in the front seat, using his eccentric personality and limited vocabulary to distract and confuse the bureaucrat. Scruta had stolen some paperwork from the Weist palace and forged documents for each refugee as best he could, but he wasn’t confident that the paperwork would pass the scrutiny of an accurate-seeking, fastidious scrooge.
“Purpose?” the bureaucrat asked while looking down on her paperwork.
“Making glasses.” Bobby nodded.
The bureaucrat’s forehead scrunched, making waves across her domed head.
“Several refugees immigrating to Mars,” I clarified. Scruta sat next to Glasses, and I remained standing behind them. The refugees murmured behind us but Reese calmed them with hushes.
“Where do they come from?” the bureaucrat asked.
“Mercury,” I answered simply and definitively, hoping the follow-up questions would be just as simple.
“Doing what?”
“Odd jobs,” Scruta answered.
“Are there two Captains?” she asked, annoyed with Scruta speaking up.
“No.” I looked between my crew and justified, “He’s my advisor and accountant of personnel.”
“Glasses,” Bobby reassured.
“Ah!” She continued to scribble on documents, her brow knitting towards Bobby. She slapped papers aside before she stopped with a particular piece of paper and read it carefully. She then slapped it upside down and asked, “Name of your ship?”
“Lord Byron.”
“Your names?”
“Garbazhio.” I hesitated while considering an additional measure of authority placed onto it. I never fully accepted my authoritative position.


“Captain Garbazhio.” It wasn’t modesty or humility that instilled me fear from assuming the position; I was just unsure how long I could maintain the rank while the crew followed me. I didn’t think I did anything to deserve it. I just assumed the role, and they accepted me.
“Your paperwork appears to be in order.” Her head swung back and forth.
“No more glasses?”
Her eyes looked up as she sighed. “Do you have anything to declare?”
Scruta and I exchanged expressions and then answered, “No.”
“Very well. The immigrants will be escorted to the line for Department of Processing and Assurance.”
The crowd of refugees moaned collectively. I felt sorry for them. I couldn’t imagine how long the next line would be. For the rest of us, we were quickly ushered outside. The refugees were filed in the opposite direction. We gave half-hearted waves and grins to them before we were obstructed with columns and walls.
“I hope they will be all right,” Scruta worried. “Like a meat packing factory in there.”
“Martians eat dirt,” Reese repeated the stereotype.


Written by Jax E Garson


copyright 2014:


Vampires go to Mars

Captain Garbazhio and his crew have earned their freedom through the Lord Byron, a simple and fast starship. Space is their final resting place for a ship of undead. Garbazhio deposits the last survivors from the Mercury Mine onto Earth and other space stations before he returns home to Agarentel to save Rabyutte, the boy that he presumed had died.

The Elven Houses are in decline. The Martians had suckled them dry. Even Garbazhio’s family of Weists are fighting amongst themselves to attain power and control over a crumbling nobility. He must navigate through a deteriorating house to find and rescue Rabyutte. But Garbazhio discovers another secret in his home city, a lost love reborn into an immortal.

Their next trip takes them to Mars. The final batch of refugees wish to disembark on the red planet, the last place that Garbazhio wishes to visit. After the Martian War, his feelings against the Martians are still strong. His angst over their destruction of Elven Houses only fuels his distrust of the race.

But they face another potential enemy on Mars.

The Dwarves are unhappy with the Lord Byron’s crew. After their losses on Mercury and their downed starship, they exact revenge against the Vampires. But the Dwarves have a secret weapon to disarm the Vampires. With an odd crew of zombies, vampires, spirits, androids and leprechauns, Garbazhio must defend against many enemies before they can successfully escape the solar system.

Join the Vampires as they fight away angry relatives, werewolves, jaded Dwarves and bureaucratic Martians.

This book is intended for adults only: it contains violence, blood, language, sex, nudity and very adult situations.

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Blue Star Series: future of humanity: Hope or Disaster?

23 Nov

Blue Star Series for Kindle or paperback on Amazon

Space Station Apocalypse

Double Eagle Warsm


Restoration of Atlantis

The Sin of Mediocrity

8 Nov


Enter the cruel and evil world of Robin Luddites where everyone is either a criminal or a victim. Follow three stories of Wimpy, Sonya, and Pesto and Phisher; based on the characters from the Robin Luddites Trilogy.

Some illustrations included.

The Sin of Mediocrity: Learn the secrets of Wimpy’s past and follow him on the beginning changes in his life that propelled him to work for Robin Luddites. He was a lowly worker, stuck within the grind of the business machine. Something wakes him from his complacency, he discovers the evil things that his business is creating and then finds himself tracking a criminal throughout the building.

The Gospel of Food and Medicine: Discover how Phisher and Pesto met. Pesto’s cooks are being killed and Phisher knows why. They must follow the clues in Dallas to find the reason for their murders. It will lead them to the cat Breeds and a horrifying secret.

Horses Do Not Lay Eggs: Follow Sonya as she navigates through the underwater city of New York to rescue an indebted Loader. The loader is in trouble with the gangs and she has to fight her way to free him. The only weapons at her disposal is a sword and her wits. But there is something more sinister that waits for them all.

Contains adult situations, language, violence and sexual content.

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I don’t think about it anymore. My past was someone else’s dream. I was a corporate manager with a short secretary. On that floor, I had an army of secretaries. I wasn’t even sure why I needed them. The head secretary was their ring leader; she was my personal favorite. Sometimes we called her the “Warden” because she kept everyone in line. She bounded around the office with a gleeful apathy. I had never seen someone so tuned to her own daydreaming world and still retained ignorance of the gossipy interactions. As I watched her talking to others, she responded with mild attentiveness, nodding her head occasionally while her eyes wandered across the room. Her mind was focused somewhere else while everyone tried to lure her into their web of rumors and lies about each other. She could have cared less.

She wasn’t the only one.

I was skinny then. My salamander DNA was very evident, in my leathery patches of skin and my thin long tongue. Not the bulky shadow of a strong man that I am now. I didn’t try to hide my tongue, lapping up my words as I spoke. Its tickle on my lips gave me a queer satisfaction. Since then, my tongue had fattened and shortened from the many hours of drinking; the alcohol burned it down. I was more fortunate than most Breeds; my mixed animal DNA wasn’t as evident as others. In the right light, I could be mistaken for an Elitist Human, pure blood.

Everyday, I hunkered inside my padded foam walls of my cubicle that isolated me from the next manager over. Our four desks were a square in the corner of the Mulciber floor, separated by the checkerboard of generic workers. Everyone typed, printed and scrolled through computers. We analyzed data and printed out graphs and facts, an encrypted code of collected numbers. It was a rhythmic machine of inventories and double checks. Workers would argue about their numbers, fuss over their inability to correspond with each other. A coherent person would wonder what they were truly fighting about; they were just numbers. There was something else festering inside their minds, an anxiety, a strangled anger, an internalized emotion that needed to be sprung from captivity.

My office was cleaner than my apartment. It had a nicer smell. The tables were clean. Even my lunch looked better under the bright florescent lights. I ate the same thing everyday. Worked at the same desk. Pushed the same numbers. Made the same managerial decisions. It was very comfortable. It was very easy.

I dreaded going home. The apartment was infested with rats and roaches. They were so large, someone could tie a leash around their necks and walk them around like pets. The floors were warped. The back half of my apartment dropped in the corner where I piled my dirty laundry. My dog slept on top of it.

I got no joy from my home. I barely heeded my dog and to be honest, I cannot remember its name. I am not even sure what happened to it. I can’t remember its sex. I got the mutt out of the expectancy to have an animal if you did not have a girlfriend or wife. I can’t even remember if I fed it on a regular basis but if I robotically went to work, sacked my lunch and returned home, I supposed that I must have. It never ran away. Of course, it could have been comfortable with sluggish apathy like most people, just hung around because it was too hard to look for anything else. Although, it could have been scared of the outside world. I wouldn’t blame it.

Like most of Earth, the prattle and rattle of gunfire and violence could be heard outside the walls. It became the common background noise of the world, like the long branches that scraped against the windows. I can’t say that I purposefully ignored it because it was common place, something that we all accepted in our daily lives. “If I left it alone, it left me alone.” I didn’t think the phrase but I lived it.

I was a drone like all “good” Breeds in the workforce. There was nothing else available to me. I had been labeled and processed. When I malfunctioned, I would be locked away into a closet and forgotten, like the lower floors. I had walked into the lower floors once. It was sad. The walls were coated with cubicles stacked with elderly men and women scratching their heads at menial chores. Anyone who was not completely worthless was trapped in the lower floors. There were beds in the center of the room so they could nap in the middle of the day. Each of them had a chest at the foot of their beds, filled with medicines and spare clothes in case there was an accident. I never wanted to return to that place. I had never understood why I feared the lower floors until now; I feared it because it represented a dreary future. No one wanted to go down there so we sent my secretary down there if there ever was a need.

We were imprisoned; our sentences were life. We didn’t know how it happened. It just happened and there we were. We followed the course of money and the corporation whittled us down with trivialities. We slaved away at the Elite’s chores, good little Breeds pulling and pushing to our duties, waiting to break our leg and be shot in the pasture.

I had not thought about it until now, but we were a mixture of Breeds. I can’t count all of the variations on my fingers but there was zebra, bear, rat, snake, bison, some bird (but don’t ask me to recognize the different types), leopard, eel, whale and mink. We even had a Pymy Tarsier. He was easy to remember because he gloated about his uniqueness to everyone on the floor and the upper ones. He had big round eyes that the women (and some men) thought were adorable. His fingers were small and pink, and he was coated with a short and soft fur around his arms and legs. People liked to pet him. They said his fur was soothing. I think they were just looking for an excuse to feel him up.

Our judge, our supervisor, our Elitist nitpicker was Vice President Smith. He was a generic human, brown hair and eyes, the typical nose and face of a business bureaucrat. We called him the Elitist Pig. He didn’t care. In fact, he smiled when we called him that to his face. He seemed to glow with pride at the announcement of his title. He didn’t care if there was malevolence behind the name. He had accepted it as his own and basked in the power that it gave him.

We were his drones. We were good little drones.

by Jax E. Garson

Copyright 2013

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Lonely House II

27 Oct



Amid a desert of sandy plains, rocky ridgelines and flattop plateaus, a lonely carpenter is sent out by mysterious benefactors to repair a Summer House. For Reginald Alphadem, it is the perfect job for the carpenter who loves isolation. He can spend the next eight months repairing, renovating and designing the perfect summer place.

But unexpected arrivals during a storm ruin his dreams. A family of eight, two parents, two children and four cats wander aimlessly about the home, making a mess wherever they go. A couple of drug addicts invade his space and play with his tools. And Fresca presumes authority by bossing everyone around.

But Reginald finds a love interest among them. Becca is a quirky lady that dances as a matter of course and carries a pet spider. Unfortunately, no one in the house likes either of them. This makes it difficult for him to make repairs and pursue Becca.

The storm has isolated the group from escaping, and strange occurrences leads Reginald to believe they are in trouble. The mystery starts with a few dead dogs and then a couple of cats. Then there are strange sightings of a creature at night. But then, one of their own goes missing.

The mystery becomes dangerous. Strange things are happening to the group, each discovering an odd alteration to their bodies. But that isn’t the worse of it. Their lives are in danger; something is stalking them.



Lonely House: a haunted mystery

14 Oct

Lonely House

Jennifer Alexander was searching for a new life.  She packed her possessions and set out to find a job in a new city.  During a heavy thunderstorm, she is detoured from the highway and led towards an abandoned house on top of a plateau.

This house is not ordinary, packed with antique furniture from decades ago.  The technology is antiquated.  The house appears to be abandoned but there is evidence that someone had once lived there recently.

The thunderstorm drives many people to seek the comfort of the house, a family of three, a manager, a female couple, an old man and a couch potato.  The heavy rains strand them there, some of their cars falling off the cliff in mudslides.  The house is like a time capsule of 70s and 80s furniture and items, except there does not appear to be any outlets or phone jacks.

On the first night, strange sounds scare the new residents, odd and spooky noises.  The following morning, they discover someone missing.  After searching the house, they are clueless as to how and why the person disappeared.  People are frightened that something haunts the house and seeks out to harm them.

Thomas Dreckerd is the only person that does not believe in ghosts; he is determined to learn the answers to the disappearances and the source of the noises.  Jennifer grooms an attraction to Thomas and follows him on his exploration of the house’s many mysteries.

As people continue to disappear, the mystery intensifies.  The other residents begin to blame Jennifer.  The others turn against her after several days of pummeling thunderstorms continue.

Jennifer and the others realize that they are not the only ones in the house.  There are secrets.  But something else lingers.  Will they be able to stop what is happening?  Or will they each be doomed to fate?

This story is set in the Blue Star Series universe but it hangs independent from the epic story.  This story relates to a specific marker mentioned in Restoration of Atlantis.  It is a haunted mystery and romance with science fiction elements.

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Peta Ptaysanwee

25 Sep

Follow the story of Navajo Elder Peta Ptaysanwee as he discovers the truth about Mech and the Blue Star space station. His past and future are molded like the copper bowl that he uses to tune the portals. Learn the history and events leading up to the end of the world and the beginning of the new one.

The Blue Star Assembly forms and follow the Blue Dragons as they help save refugees and the displaced escape into Fifth World. The Miguels guide the people into Machu Picchu and save them from Jenson’s thugs before rendezvousing with the Elder at the Yucatan peninsula.

The Trail ends with Elder Peta Ptaysanwee rescuing the large mass of refugees by allowing them to enter the Antarctica Temple.

The Elder’s weapons are his patience, bowl, a tuning fork, animals and his understanding of the prophecies that are meant to guide the innocent, poor and meek into their future home of Fifth World.

Start from the beginning and end at the beginning.