Dark Wine

15 May

Follow Captain Jarod Garren as he enters the 26th century; a Century of unimaginable dreams. Captain Garren was denied his dreams. He had the drive and the potential but the forces around him were pulling him away.

An interstellar war is brewing. Races will come together in common purpose to fight against an evil foe.

A temporal anomaly propelled humans from the 21st century into the future. Those humans are treated unfairly and labeled as 21 Cents by the Intersystem Conglomerate, an alliance of human colonies brought together by economics. No one knows how the 21 Cents got there, and no one seems to be interested in figuring out the truth while there is a war going on.

Caused by a series of unfair circumstances, Jarod Garren is given a chance to build a ship as part of a competition. After Captain Garren successfully constructs a freighter out of scrap metal and junk, The Intersystem Conglomerate will not give the 21 Cent a chance to prove his engineering prowess.

Despite the prejudices against him, Captain Garren manages to assemble a crew of unique friends and attains a contract to serve an Uthorogud General to deliver supplies for the war effort. The war gives all of them a chance to dispel the lies about Captain Garren and his 21 Cent peers, but the Conglomerate will not make it easy.

But a mystery unfolds that reveals the secrets to how the 21 Cents had arrived in the 26th century. There are players set against them, trying to undermine the progress of Dark Wine and her crew.

Take a spin on Dark Wine, a simple freighter with incredible engineering talents. And follow the wacky and gifted crew of misfits, thieves, detectives, doctors, losers and assassins.

This book is intended for adults only: it contains violence, language, and adult situations.

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Bone Spider

3 May


Imagio and Invesia travel the forbidden parts of the East where ancient cities and castles had been buried for a century to discover a deadly secret lost from the Kadic War. They set out on an adventure with mysteries and enemies.

Invesia is tired of her husband but especially jealous of his grand adventures throughout the East. She escapes from home, to remove herself from the stresses of her indifferent husband and the seemingly endless chores around the farm. For once, she would like to explore on her own.

While hiding at the local inn, she is accompanied with her friend, Imagio. After daring to release hundreds of birds from their cages, Imagio and Invesia find themselves chased into the valley woodland by an angry mob. On their travels, they discover the ancient ruins of a forgotten kingdom, and something more insidious.

The mercenary Droth have returned, and they have been robbing and killing innocent people and animals.

While investigating a strange liquid that the Droth were cooking up, Invesia decides to revisit an old acquaintance, Fanillian, the alchemist that apprenticed her. Their travels take them to Slinder where they reunite with the mercenaries from Nathist. With their help, they track down the source of the evil, following the course of Slinder’s escape from his pursuers many decades before.

Will their adventure end as gloriously as her husband’s travels? Or will they reach a deathly end to their misfortunes?


high fantasy, ya, young adult fiction, mystery, ancient kingdoms, magic, female protagonist, heroine, female lead character

Help Wanted-wild west meets Mars

25 Mar

Welcome to the Wild West on Mars…

Gatling Gun Charley is a poor cowboy recently robbed by his latest employer. If that wasn’t bad enough, he is chased through the canyons of Mars by an angry farmer after he accidentally walked over his crops while fighting through a resolith dust storm.

An independent cowboy down on his luck, Charley is pursued by a poor Spurn girl, Clarissa, wanting to be trained so she can exact vengeance against those who killed her family. Even in desperate need of cash, he refuses to help, afraid to be associated with the poorer race, once enslaved a few years back and then emancipated.

But his escape from Chantyville is not easy. A mangy dog won’t stop pestering him. A domesticated lion stalks him. A beautiful horse is attracted to him. These creatures can‘t reduce his mounting losses.

He runs from town and tries to find his way to Aurium City while needing funds and distancing himself from his enemies. But instead, a voodoo witch doctor, half human and half Spurn spells him. Fighting away his destiny, he is forced onto a mountain near Clarissa.

Charley relents to help Clarissa but only to train her to use firearms. He doesn’t want to have anything to do with her enemies, the Rotger Brothers. Begrudgingly, he teaches her to shoot a seven shot revolver on Blackhead Mountain. But there is something else bothering him, a lingering feeling…

But his path leads him in circles until he is faced with an inevitable choice.

This book is intended for adults only: it contains violence, language, and adult situations.


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Western, wild west, space western, space opera, gunfighter, gunfight, science fiction, mars colony, steam punk, western sci fi

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Dragon Perched on the White House

20 Mar

Blue Star epic Series in trailers

4 Mar


Lonely House: romance, mystery…

28 Feb


Jennifer Alexander was searching for a new life. She packed her possessions and set out to find a job in a new city. During a heavy thunderstorm, she is detoured from the highway and led towards an abandoned house on top of a plateau.

This house is not ordinary, packed with antique furniture from decades ago. The technology is antiquated. The house appears to be abandoned but there is evidence that someone had once lived there recently.

The thunderstorm drives many people to seek the comfort of the house, a family of three, a manager, a female couple, an old man and a couch potato. The heavy rains strand them there, some of their cars falling off the cliff in mudslides. The house is like a time capsule of 70s and 80s furniture and items, except there does not appear to be any outlets or phone jacks.

On the first night, strange sounds scare the new residents, odd and spooky noises. The following morning, they discover someone missing. After searching the house, they are clueless as to how and why the person disappeared. People are frightened that something haunts the house and seeks out to harm them.

Thomas Dreckerd is the only person that does not believe in ghosts; he is determined to learn the answers to the disappearances and the source of the noises. Jennifer grooms an attraction to Thomas and follows him on his exploration of the house’s many mysteries.

As people continue to disappear, the mystery intensifies. The other residents begin to blame Jennifer. The others turn against her after several days of pummeling thunderstorms continue.

Jennifer and the others realize that they are not the only ones in the house. There are secrets. But something else lingers. Will they be able to stop what is happening? Or will they each be doomed to fate?

This story is set in the Blue Star Series universe but it hangs independent from the epic story. This story relates to a specific marker mentioned in Restoration of Atlantis. It is a haunted mystery and romance with science fiction elements.

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Confessions of an Elven Vampire: Refusal to Convert

20 Feb


Confessions of an Elven Vampire: Refusal to Convert

The creatures of fairy tale have returned to the Earth. They saved humanity from imminent doom from an alien attack.

Garbazhio is a collector, a vampire and an Elf. He acquires an odd contract from a mysterious stranger. Well paid, he is determined to find the lost magical device that can save the world from a new horror. He decides that he must have help to battle away his many enemies. He must choose his favorite weapons, 45 or sword.

He navigates through a post-apocalyptic world, dragging along his Dwarven friend, Basoora. His friend brings his three favorite things, an axe, a shotgun and a zombie. The ridiculous zombie tags along like a stray pet, to the grief of the Elven Vampire.

While scouring the torn world, they meet a Human thief and save her from becoming part of a Witch’s menu. The Elven Vampire is drawn towards the sexy female, for lust and his uncontrollable urge to feed.

The three of them meet terrors of underground monsters and giant creatures, barely struggling to survive the leftover nightmares from the last war. They seek out a Wizard who may know more than what he is letting on. An android becomes a confidante of information for the Elven Vampire.

They must reach the Ash City in time to retrieve the magical device and deliver it to the stranger. But the violent obstacles may cost them in blood.

If you are looking for magic, wizards, vampire, elves, dwarves, Cyclops, witches, even Egyptian creatures and other fantastic things, this is the book for you.

This book is intended for adults only: it contains violence, blood, language, sex, nudity and very adult situations.

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